Steve grew up with a hammer in one hand and a slide rule in the other. The slide rule led him through advanced degrees in electrical engineering and 30 years in the high tech industry doing mathematical analysis, computer programming and web systems. The hammer kept him sane fixing houses and making the furniture to go in them, mainly from Shaker-inspired designs of his own. For a birthday present in a milestone year, his wife and daughters sent him off to a week of “boat school” at the Carpenter’s Boatshop in Pemaquid, Maine. He no longer talked about wanting to build a boat, but actually built Merlot, a 12 foot Ellen (pulling boat) the following winter in evenings and on weekends. A course at The Windsor Institute in Hampton, New Hampshire launched Steve into making chairs. Making chairs led to getting a lathe and turning the legs and rungs, pedestals and finials. In the leap from employment to self-employment, Steve studied at North Bennet Street School in Boston at a three-month intensive furniture and cabinetry workshop, to fine tune his woodworking skills and broaden his exposure to 18th-century period furniture.

It seems the creative bent is hereditary, judging by his daughter Erika.